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When buying your dream home, your adrenaline tends to rush more than normal. So much you may not remember to check for little things that might affect your stay in the home. You just love the landscape, your neighbour’s dog seemed very friendly and you are thinking,” ohhh! This is how I’ve always dreamed of it”. Indeed, while those intrinsic longings of yours matter, there are a couple of factors that might not let you even remember the longings if not checked and put into the proper place.

In this article, we’ll explain three fundamental pointers to be sure of when buying a home so that you know that you have made a good investment.

  1. CONDITION OF THE ROOFINGS: The condition of the roof of your new home must be inspected properly to ensure that there is no major dent or leakage. Ask past occupants if possible to know what to expect as regards the roofing. Ask them if they think you should change it or whether it’s still in good condition. Also, remember to ask the age of the roofing because some roofing require that they are changed every 20-25 years. Changing the roofing of a house cost a lot and you do not want to add that to the cost of the property purchase. In case the dent in the roof is much and you cannot bear the cost, it is wise to simply be on the lookout for another property. As an estate agent in Bolton, we provide our clients with varying options when buying a home such that a dent in one makes it easy to choose the best for our clients.
  2. FOUNDATIONAL DAMAGE: When checking your home with an agent, check the footings of the building. If the foundation of the building is having a fault, it is always a red flag to ask questions as to what and what might have constituted the damage. You’ll easily notice these signs as cracks at the outside footings of the building. When noticed, seek professional advice to know the state of the foundation and what can be done to salvage the entire building. More importantly, ask for what the cost will look like before committing to the project. You do not want to move into a well-furnished dilapidated building that might crash down anytime. Again, ask questions again and again from professionals to fuel your decision-making process.
  3. FLOODING POSSIBILITIES: The terrain of the area matters when buying your house. Don’t simply love on the Ocean View feature of the building, ask if there is any possibility of the ocean coming into your house. And if it comes, is there a structure in place to ensure that the building is safe with the occupants and properties in it. To get the best possible review on flooding possibilities, your neighbours are your best bet as they must have experienced at lot living in the area. They know what affects what and when it does. Get the best information out of them and make your decisions with it.

* Other things might include efficient plumbing works and insulation systems of the home.

If you really want to get the best out of buying your home, your very first step to ensuring that is to hire a good estate agent who understands your choice. There are a few estate agents here in Bolton, but at Manhattan Estates, we do the work even before our clients hit the button to tell us about their proposal. We make background findings of the house and also collaborate with another reliable estate agent in Bolton to be sure we have the best deal for our clients.

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