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There are many considerations, some less obvious than others, when looking to buy a new home. Here is a list we think are useful to get you started.

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  • Visit the property/area at different times and on different days to get an idea of how busy/noisy the area gets

  • Speak to people on the street about living in the area

  • Find out what you can about the local area

  • Think about how you could use each room. Will your furniture fit in? (don’t forget to take measurements of your favourite/largest pieces of furniture before going on viewings)

  • Ask if the property is a listed building or in a conservation area as this may limit the changes you can make to it in the future

  • Request a demonstration of the heating and plumbing

  • Ask if any gas and electrical checks have been done recently

  • Look behind furniture and curtains for signs of damp or damage

  • Ask your solicitor to obtain buildings regulations certificates if recent work has been carried out on the property

  • Ask about council tax, utility, service charges and ground rent bills

  • Find out why the seller is selling and if they are keen to sell quickly

  • Ask how much interest/viewings the property has had so far

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